A community or public mausoleum is an above ground building memorializing multiple individuals. Mausoleums offer a secure enclosure that will remain clean and completely dry without ever letting the casket or vault come in contact with the earth.

Above ground community mausoleum is the right choice for you if:
*You want loved ones to be able to visit and reflect in any weather
*You prefer above ground
*You want absolute certainty that the site will always remain dry
*You like the added prestige of being entombed inside a structure

Memorialization in a community mausoleum crypt involves:
*Choosing a space location or “crypt”
*Deciding if you want a single or companion (two-person) crypt
*Selecting the location and level (most families prefer “eye-level”)
*Selecting a “crypt plate,” a flat bronze memorial that is installed in front of the crypt and can be inscribed with specific personal information
*A casket containing and displaying the deceased
*Open and closing of the crypt

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