Cremation service is the right choice for you if:
*You want your remains to rest in a particular location other than a cemetery
*You prefer a lower-cost option
*You prefer the idea of an above ground resting place

*Cremated remains are easier to transport to another location

Cremation services can require the following:
If urn is buried in a gravesite space:
*Gravesite – the space or plot.
*Vault – an enclosure that serves as the urn’s protective lining
*Marker – Flat bronze memorial to honor and celebrate a life
*Opening-and-Closing – preparation of gravesite for burial service that consists of ground opening, closing (back-filling), and landscaping to restore gravesite's appearance 

If urn is buried or placed in a mausoleum or columbarium niche:
*Niche Opening-and-Closing – opening the niche and then closing it after placement of the cremation urn
*Niche Engraving – Memorial tribute engraved on the granite cover to honor and celebrate a life

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